Kristin Boorse: Never Done

Kristin BoorseAs of this post, Kristin has raised over $41,000 for clean water through her Team World Vision efforts. And she’s not done yet.

What’s her secret? Well, two things:

First, she says, “Every time I pray about my goal, there is a number that comes to me. And as I get close to my goal, I raise it. I never want someone to come to my fundraising page and think, ‘Oh, it’s done.’ There’s always one more child. No matter what my goal is, I’ll always continue to up it because the need is so great and the impact is so huge.”

Second, “It is definitely a lot of work. It won’t just happen. You really have to have a plan. But I believe in pouring your heart out there and being persistent. People will respond to that.” And that’s certainly what Kristin has done, both in her own fundraising and to help encourage others.

As a team captain in Phoenix, Kristin saw that fundraising is what scared people the most when they committed to joining Team World Vision. So she worked with Christine Altavilla to host an event called “Fundraising to the Finish Line.” They invited all of their teammates in the Phoenix area to equip them to be bold and successful fundraisers. They even practiced asking for a donation and getting a “no” so people could get over their fear. We think that’s pretty awesome.

Be like Kristin! Here are her 5 P’s of Fundraising:

  1. Passion: Own and know the cause.
  2. Personalize: Make asks specific and personal.
  3. Persistence: Follow-up several times.
  4. Prayer: About setting your goal. About upping your goal. 
  5. Pthanks*: For everyone who supports you. (*She knows it doesn’t actually start with P.)

Have some encouragement?

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